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Legal Disclamer

The Hurricane Network creates custom weather forecasts with guidance from our network of forecasters and information gathered from the National Weather Service and their local offices. These custom forecast products should not be used for life-saving decisions and government use. The Hurricane Network urges all of it’s viewers to confirm and consult with their local National Weather Service forecast office or local weather organization that resides in said country. With all of this said, you the user agree to the following terms below.

By using The Hurricane Network’s custom forecasts you agree to the following terms below:

  • The Hurricane Network (FWX Company)’s data will not be used for life-saving or property protection at any time during a disaster.
  • The Hurricane Network (FWX Company) will not be held responsible for loss of life, property damage, injuries, loss of profit, and other acts that pose a risk to the viewers life, property, or business.
  • I (the viewer) will always consult the National Weather Service, local media, or emergency management professionals for confirmed information before using The Hurricane Network (FWX Company).
  • Use of The Hurricane Network (FWX Company)’s forecast products will be used for personal-use only, unless authorized for commercial use by an acting operations director.

The terms listed is to protect you as the viewer and FWX Company/The Hurricane Network. If you have any questions, please email us at info@fwx.co.