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Atlantic Cyclone Outlook

Special Tropical Cyclone Outlook
The Hurricane Network New York NY
1030 AM EDT Tue Oct 8 2019

Special outlook to update the discussion on the low off the coast of 
the Southeast U.S. 

For the Northern Atlantic...Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico: 

1. A low pressure system located over the central Atlantic is 
producing an area of disorganized weather and tropical-storm-force 
winds. Slow development is anticipated over the next day or so 
before environmental conditions become unfavorable on Wednesday as 
the system moves westward around 4 mph. 

* Chance of tropical development in 48 hours, moderate, 40 percent.
* Chance of tropical development in 5 days, moderate, 40 percent.

UPDATED: 2. A broad non-tropical area of low pressure located off 
the coast of the Southeastern United States has had some change in 
organization since early this morning. Little development of the low 
is expected over the next two days as the system merges with another 
low off the coast of Florida by Wednesday. The system could slowly 
acquire subtropical characteristics before conditions become 
unfavorable on Wednesday. Interests along the U.S. East Coast should 
monitor the progress of this disturbance. Additional information on 
this system will be found on the Disturbance Guidance Messages 
product starting at 3 PM ET. 

* Chance of tropical development in 48 hours, low, 20 percent.
* Chance of tropical development in 5 days, low, 20 percent.

Forecaster Ryan/Latteri

* This product is not associated nor generated by the National Hurricane Center. Products issued by The Hurricane Network should only be used for educational purposes, unless marked otherwise. For official governmental information, seek information from hurricanes.gov