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About THN


The Hurricane Network (THN) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides tropical cyclone products to report the hazards of tropical cyclones and coastal weather events. Since early 2011, The Hurricane Network has provided critical forecast products throughout various channels to millions of people to provide verifiable information in an age where misinformation for weather events crowds the internet.

With core volunteers and contributors around the United States, The Hurricane Network has the general public covered with information when needed most regarding tropical cyclones and their hazards affecting land.


To ensure the most accurate messaging is reached to the public, The Hurricane Network is split into several branches:

Forecast Branch: A team of seasonally trained meteorologists and experienced forecasters that are responsible for issuing The Hurricane Network’s tropical cyclone product suite (i.e. advisories and disturbance outlooks). Before each hurricane season, the forecast branch team members recognize any recommendations from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) to ensure all messaging is up to standards. During the offseason, the forecast branch team keeps watch of any impactful coastal weather events to the United States, U.S. territories, and coastal Canada.

Public Engagement Branch: This team handles the dissemination of The Hurricane Network messaging through social media channels and alerting channels This branch is mission critical for The Hurricane Network as social media is what drives the public outreach to our products. The public engagement branch also handles all media inquiries and hurricane season preparedness efforts.

We urge all our viewers to not use The Hurricane Network as a primary source for critical life-saving information and to consult the National Weather Service, local media, and law enforcement officials for official alerts. 

Contact Information

Public, Media Inquiries, and Sponsorship Opportunities: info@hurricanecorp.org

Volunteer Inquiries: volunteering@hurricanecorp.org