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Public Information Statements

The Hurricane Network in New York City

Public Information Statement
The Hurricane Network New York NY
400 PM EDT Wed June 10 2020

...The Hurricane Network Cleveland will begin continuance of 
advisories for inland tropical depressions on June 30 2020... 

The Hurricane Network has made internal changes to our forecast 
product suite to now allow the continuance of public advisories for 
tropical cyclones that move inland and weakened to tropical 
depression status. These public advisories will be issued under the 
same FWX headers as the normal advisory packages issued by The 
Hurricane Network. However, these public advisories will be issued 
solely from The Hurricane Network satellite office in Cleveland, OH. 

The advisories will be issued every six hours, specifically at 0300 
UTC, 0900 UTC, 1500 UTC, and 2100 UTC. However, special public 
advisories could be issued to update storm information when needed. 
Based on social science research of inland tropical depressions, 
Tropical Cyclone Discussions will not be issued for inland tropical 
depression advisories. 

So The Hurricane Network can continue updating information on these 
inland tropical cyclone advisories, there will be minor changes with 
the text inside the advisories, these changes can be found below: 

* Under the "WARNINGS AND WATCHES" headline, inland products from 
  the National Weather Service will be posted such as flood 
  headlines and wind headlines. 

* Under the "LAND IMPACTS" headline, the hazard statement titles for 
  "SURGE" and "TORNADOES" will be changed to "COASTAL  FLOODING" and 
  "SEVERE STORMS", respectfully. 

An example of an inland Tropical Depression public advisory with 
these changes can be found at the following URL in PDF format: 

Advisories for inland tropical depressions will begin on June 30 
2020. Until this change is executed, advisories for inland tropical 
depressions will be through the NWS Weather Prediction Center. 

Please send any comments or feedback regarding this change to the 
following point of contacts: 

Keith Latteri
Tropical Program Director  
The Hurricane Network 

Brandon Ryan
Warning Coordination Meteorologist 
The Hurricane Network


Central Pacific Center in Hilo, Hawaii