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HN-logoThe Hurricane Network (THN) founded in New York is a non-governmental forecasting organization dedicated for tropical cyclone forecasting and analyst. Since 2011, The Hurricane Network has provided several thousand people critical tropical cyclone forecasts via our social media platforms and our website. The Hurricane Network gained it’s name because we are volunteer-based and have a network of volunteers spanning from Hawaii to Puerto Rico providing coastal residents updated forecasts. THN uses similar software such as AWIPS 2 that is used at the National Weather Service and the National Hurricane Center.

For forecasting, The Hurricane Network is supplied data from several universities around the United States that supports our goal. The Hurricane Network follows all requirements and recommendations from the United Nations’ World Meteorological Organization and the National Hurricane Operations Plan. The Hurricane Network provides several text and graphical outlooks and advisories of on-going tropical cyclones, THN also issues extreme wind alerts for areas that are expected to receive hurricane-force winds along the coastal areas of the continental United States.

To meet our goal in organized tropical forecasting, The Hurricane Network is split into several branches.

Cyclone Forecasting Branch is a team of seasonally trained forecasters that issue products for tropical cyclones. These products include a tropical cyclone outlook, tropical cyclone advisories and discussions, and blog posts using the NHOP and WMO recommendations. Volunteers assigned to the Cyclone Forecasting Branch must complete an assessment and training of cyclone forecasting with THN standards before each hurricane season. the Cyclone Forecasting Branch also conducts extensive outreach to people in the Atlantic, Eastern Pacific, and Central Pacific about the efforts of preparing for hurricanes and hazardous winds.

Social Engagement is a branch of several volunteers that help spread the word through many social media platforms with critical weather information. These individuals are trained properly on how to use our social media content management system. This branch is critical to THN because many people use social media to receive our forecasting alerts during active tropical cyclones impacting their area.

Editorial Branch is a team of several individuals that help issue briefings and website blogging posts during hazardous weather that impacts our regional watch areas. Each editor will need to submit one sample story of a selected weather event and must obtain knowledge of the WordPress content management system.

Incident Response Team and OEM Liaison is a team of highly certified volunteers and staff that assists local emergency management teams before, during, and after a hurricane. During a hurricane, The Hurricane Network will send an OEM Liaison team member to a OEM office to help the response and recovery efforts. When not working with OEMs, The Hurricane Network will send multiple members of our Incident Response Team (IRT) to an area that was impacted by a weather event to deliver and distribute supplies and work with the American Red Cross in shelter logistics. All members in the IRT and OEM Liaison Team are CERT, FEMA, and American Red Cross trained and certified in disaster response and communication.

We urge all our viewers to not use The Hurricane Network as a primary source for critical life-saving information and to consult the National Weather Service, local media, and law enforcement officials for official alerts. 

Contact Information

Public and Media Inquiries: info@fwx.co

Central Pacific Center (Hilo, Hawaii) Inquiries: cpc@fwx.co

Volunteer/Employment Inquiries: personnel@fwx.co